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While 22% of Canada’s population lives with a disability, that number is still not reflected in our media, brands, or advertising. Nor is that 22% considered when it comes to issues of accessibility and inclusion. And we need to change that.

Want to know what you can do to continue helping end the stigma and ableism for kids and youth with disabilities? #DearEverybody it’s time to take action. And here’s how.

Learn about ableism

Ableism is discrimination towards someone based on their abilities, often favouring those who do not have a disability and seeing less value in those that do. Ableism can be reflected in actions, words, behaviours, and access issues.

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Project Inclusion

Project Inclusion

Holland Bloorview launches resource to advance inclusion of students with disabilities. The series of accessible online learning modules are available in both English and French. A facilitator’s guide accompanies the modules, for those who would like to organize discussion groups.

Dear Everybody in Action

We wanted to create a shift in the media landscape by asking brands, companies, broadcasters, and producers to start including disability in the picture. So we asked. They committed. And our partners delivered. Since signing the Agreement, we have seen so much positive change made in our communities. 
But we’re not done yet.

Dear Everybody Panel Series

The best way to #EndAbleism is to talk about it—and that’s what we’re doing. We’ve asked experts, the community, and those with lived-experience to share their stories to help you better understand exactly why #DearEverybody matters and how you can make a change.

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Upcoming Panels

How to avoid ableism in language and communication
Tuesday, November 9th | 7-8pm

Ableism in the workplace
Dates TBD | Stay tuned for registration details!

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