Sheriauna – Dancer

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Sheriauna – This is what a dancer looks like.

sheriauna smiling

When Sheriauna hears music and starts to dance, she’s transported. This outgoing, athletic 11-year-old who was born without a left hand loves dancing with her favourite types being contemporary and hip hop, though she loves all forms. For her dancing is freeing. In that moment, she’s not thinking of anything else. And she’s good at it. Want proof? Just watch her do an aerial (cartwheel) with no hands.

But that’s not the only way she’s artistic – she also loves drawing, painting, cooking, although she admits she can be a bit of a picky eater. But dancing is her calling – so much so that she dreams of owning a dance studio one day. A back-up plan is becoming an actor or singer, but she confessed that an agent hasn’t discovered her… yet. This is what a dancer looks like.