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Gavi – This is what an athlete looks like.

gavi sitting on a bed

Seven-year-old Gavi is the first to admit she has a pretty wide competitive streak – she doesn’t like to lose. Gavi, who was born with nemaline myopathy (a rare genetic muscle disorder that affects her muscles), is an intelligent and articulate sports fan who will be starting Grade 3 in the fall. And she can’t wait to take part in gym class again.

She loves swimming, dancing, basketball (she’s a big Toronto Raptors fan), Frisbee and Volt hockey. (Volt Hockey is an accessible form of hockey, played in specially designed motorized carts.) While Gavi loves winning, she also loves laughing and has been known to be the architect of clever pranks played on her sister and her mom. What does she want to be when she grows up? Either the coach of a sports team, or the host of a sports talk show…she can’t decide which yet. Either way, she knows she will be victorious. This is what an athlete looks like.